The Hockey Collection​

Een collectie van veldhockey gerelateerde juweeltjes.

Alle ontworpen, handgemaakt en -afgewerkt in België in edele materialen: zilver, verguld zilver en goud.
Sommige modellen met parel, half edelsteen, of diamant


Online te bestellen via onderstaande website

​A collection of field-hockey related jewellery.
All designed, hand made and -finished in Belgium in

precious materials : sterling silver, gold plated silver or 18k gold, some models with a pearl, diamond or semi-precious stones or coloured coral

Order online through the website underneath

<Touch or click on the photos to get more information​​​​​

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Tel. +32 476 44 55 82       I       mail for information

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Bracelets "Gothic"

Bronze, gold plated (rose or yellow gold) with knotted cords or ribbons